NB! Programmatic verification and storage is not publicly available for templates. If you need this functionality, get in touch with us.

After the user has given their signature, you can download the signed container from eID Easy. Make a POST request to https://id.eideasy.com/api/signatures/download-signed-asice, with the following parameters in its JSON body:

client_idREQUIRED. Your website’s client_id, as shown in the id.eideasy.com portal.
secretREQUIRED. Your website’s secret, as shown in the id.eideasy.com portal.
doc_idREQUIRED. The doc_id value you received after uploading your file.

Example response: 


signed_file_contents includes the container in base64 encoding.

signer_id includes the signee’s personal ID code.

If status was not OK, the you should not consider the signature to be verified. That’s it. You now have the file. Download it and store it for later use.

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