During development, it’s sensible to use our sandbox environment. This has two benefits:

  1. Every action is free.
  2. Develop and test without having any of our supported methods at hand.

Switching to sandbox

In our docs, you may have noticed that all of the relevant URLs start with https://id.eideasy.com/...

For sandbox, replace this with https://test.eideasy.com/...

Use the following OAuth2 credentials:

Client ID: 2IaeiZXbcKzlP1KvjZH9ghty2IJKM8Lg
Secret: 56RkLgZREDi1H0HZAvzOSAVlxu1Flx41

Tip! You can opt to create your own credentials, manage templates etc on https://test.eideasy.com/. Security notice! Unless you use your own Estonian ID card to log in to the test admin panel, ALL of your signed test documents will be open to anyone who uses the same login. You have been warned!

Using the sandbox

While in sandbox, you can authenticate and sign with

  • Mobile ID test numbers,
  • Your own Mobile ID, if you whitelist it beforehand,
  • Smart ID test numbers,
  • Production ID card from any of our supported countries (does not work for signing asice/bdoc containers),
  • Estonian test ID-card (or any other supported country). More info regarding Estonian test ID-cards can be found on SK’s site.

Something’s not right? Get in touch: info@eideasy.com.