eID and eSignature SaaS platform Pricing has 3 tiers.

  1. Base package – Low volume, up to ~500 paid actions per month
  2. Office package – Medium volume 500+ paid actions per month. Lower prices and min fee 1EUR per day.
  3. Custom solutions for higher volumes. Get in touch with info@eideasy.com

Price below is per action.

Estonian ID card loginFREEFREE
Latvian ID card loginFREEFREE
Lithuanian ID card loginFREEFREE
Portugese ID card loginFREEFREE
Serbian ID cardFREEFREE
Smart-ID mobile app login0.12EUR0.10EUR
Estonian Mobile ID login0.12EUR0.06EUR
Lithuanian Mobile ID login0.12EUR0.06EUR
Estonian ID card signature0.12EUR0.06EUR
Estonian Mobile ID signature0.12EUR0.06EUR
Lithuanian Mobile ID signature0.12EUR0.06EUR
Smart ID mobile app signature0.20EUR0.12EUR
Agrello .ID login (international)0.70EUR0.60EUR
Facebook loginFREEFREE
Google loginFREEFREE