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Full API integration and
white-label customizations
Limited methods/countriesAll methods and countries
Full file signing onlyHash based signing (when supported)
including compliance review
Standard public Terms and Conditions,
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Signed contract, DPA, enhanced SLA
Credit card payments onlyInvoice based payments
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7 day free trial with 10 euro creditNew methods/countries prioritization
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Qualified Electronic Signature prices

MethodStarting price (up to)
Austrian HandySignatur (QES)1.50 EUR
Danish MitID signature (AdES light)0.40 EUR
Smart ID mobile app signature (QES)0.20 EUR
Estonian ID card signature (QES)0.15 EUR
Estonian Mobile ID signature (QES)0.20 EUR
Evrotrust [supported countries] (QES)1.50 EUR
D-Trust’s Sign-me [several countries] (QES)1.50 EUR
D-Trust’s Sign-me [several countries] (AdES full) *0.50 EUR
Latvian ID card signature (QES)0.15 EUR
Latvian eParaksts Mobile signature (QES)0.15 EUR
Lithuanian ID card signature (QES)0.15 EUR
Lithuanian Mobile ID signature (QES)0.20 EUR
Finnish ID card signature (QES)0.15 EUR
Finnish Trust Network signature (AdES light)0.40 EUR
Finnish Trust Network signature (AdES full)0.89 EUR
Swedish BankID signature (AdES light)0.40 EUR
Swedish BankID certificate-based signature (AdES full) *0.89 EUR
Swedish BankID certificate-based signature (QES) *1.50 EUR
France’s CertEurope USB tokens (QES)0.15 EUR
Romania’s certSIGN USB tokens (QES)0.15 EUR
Croatian ID card signature (QES)0.15 EUR
Czech MojeID (AdES light)0.40 EUR
Norwegian BankID signature (AdES-QC)1.50 EUR
Freja eID seal-based signature [Se, Fi, No, Dk] (AdES light)0.40 EUR
Freja eID+ certificate-based signature [SE] (AdES full)0.89 EUR
Freja eID+ certificate-based signature [SE] (QES)*1.50 EUR
Belgian ID card signature (QES)0.15 EUR
Portuguese ID card signature (QES) *0.15 EUR
Portuguese Chave Movel (QES)0.60 EUR
Dutch iDIN signature (AdES light)1.00 EUR
Uanataca (QES)0.30 EUR
German (through German banks) (QES)4.50 EUR
Italian SPID signature (QES)1.50 EUR
Benelux Itsme signature (QES)1.50 EUR
Halcom One (QES)1.50 EUR
ZealiD [supported countries] (QES)5.00 EUR **
Polish SimplySign signature (QES)0.15 EUR
Greek Harica (QES)0.15 EUR
Ukrainian DIIA (non-eIDAS QES) *0.15 EUR
Singaporean SingPass signature (AdES full)*
Document scanning based signature with Verifai (SES/AdES light)1.50 EUR
Company e-Seal (QESeal)0.15 EUR
Simple Electronic Signature (SES, SES 2FA)0.15 EUR Signature (SES)1.50 EUR
Mexican NOM151 proof0.20 EUR
Iceland Auðkenni (QES)*
Chile eCert*
Brazil Serpro NeoSigner*
Malaysia MSCTrustGate*
Indonesia PrivyID*
India Aadhar eSign*

Signature price includes signature itself plus timestamp plus OCSP validity confirmation.

* Contact
** For small quantity usage up to 15 signatures per month. Price for bigger volumes needs to be agreed separately.

Signature levels

QES – qualified electronic signature, in accordance with eIDAS (EU 910/2014)
non-eIDAS QES – nationally recognized qualified electronic signature outside EU/EEC
AdES-QC – advanced electronic signature, based on a qualified certificate (according to eIDAS)
AdES full – certificate-based advanced electronic signature, listed on EUTL or AATL
AdES light – seal-based advanced electronic signature, based on strong authentication (LoA Substantial / LoA High) and a qualified electronic seal
SES 2FA – simple electronic signature with two-factor authentication (SMS-code)
SES – simple electronic signature

Electronic Identification prices

Belgium Itsme identificationDepends on exact configuration
Austrian HandySignatur 0.06 EUR
Smart-ID mobile app login0.12 EUR
Estonian ID card loginFREE
Estonian Mobile ID login0.12 EUR
Latvian ID card loginFREE
Latvian eParaksts Mobile login0.06 EUR
Lithuanian ID card loginFREE
Lithuanian Mobile ID login0.12 EUR
Finnish ID card loginFREE
Belgian ID card loginFREE
Portugese ID card loginFREE
Czech MojeID0.06 EUR
Serbian ID card loginFREE
ZealID login (whole EU)0.30 EUR
Freja eID (Nordics)0.06 EUR
Swedish Bank-ID login0.12 EUR
Finnish FTN (Bank-ID) login ask us
Dutch IDIN loginask us loginask us
Norwegian Bank-ID loginask us
Passport or ID card document scanning based identification (Youverse, Verifai)0.75 EUR

Optional storing files – 5EUR per month for each 1GB increment.
For example 200MB is 5EUR/month, 999MB is 5EUR/month. 1500MB is 10EUR/month. Without this subscription signed files are deleted 7 days after signing.

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