Starting from 01.11.2020

eID and eSignature SaaS platform Pricing has no minimum fee and has automatic discount on higher volumes.

  1. Up to 50EUR per calendar month “Base” prices are effective
  2. For every action after 50EUR per month “Office” prices are effective
  3. For even higher volumes ask for offer from

Signature price includes signature itself plus timestamp plus OCSP validity confirmation.

Storing files – 5EUR per month for each 1GB increment.
For example 200MB is 5EUR/month, 999MB is 5EUR/month. 1500MB is 10EUR/month. Without this subscription signed files are deleted 7 days after signing.

Qualified Electronic Signature prices

Austrian HandySignatur1.50 EUR1.50 EUR
Smart ID mobile app signature0.20 EUR0.15 EUR
Estonian ID card signature0.15 EUR0.07 EUR
Estonian Mobile ID signature0.20 EUR0.15 EUR
Evrotrust (supported countries)0.15 EUR0.10 EUR
Latvian ID card signature0.15 EUR0.07 EUR
Latvian eParaksts Mobile signature0.15 EUR0.07EUR
Lithuanian ID card signature0.15 EUR0.07 EUR
Lithuanian Mobile ID signature0.20 EUR0.15 EUR
Finnish ID card signature0.20 EUR0.15 EUR
Finnish Trust Network signature (non-qualified)0.40 EUR0.30 EUR
Swedish BankID signature (non-qualified)0.40 EUR0.30 EUR
Czech MojeID0.40 EUR0.30 EUR
Company e-Seal0.15EUR0.07EUR
Simple Electronic Signature (non-qualified)0.50EUR0.30EUR

Electronic Identification prices

Austrian HandySignatur 0.06 EUR0.03 EUR
Smart-ID mobile app login0.12 EUR0.10 EUR
Estonian ID card loginFREEFREE
Estonian Mobile ID login0.12 EUR0.06EUR
Evrotrust0.06 EUR0.06 EUR
Latvian ID card loginFREEFREE
Latvian eParaksts Mobile login0.06 EUR0.01 EUR
Lithuanian ID card loginFREEFREE
Lithuanian Mobile ID login0.12 EUR0.06 EUR
Finnish ID card loginFREEFREE
Belgian ID card loginFREEFREE
Portugese ID card loginFREEFREE
Czech MojeID0.06 EUR0.03 EUR
Serbian ID card loginFREEFREE
ZealID login (whole EU)0.12 EUR0.06 EUR
Freja eID (Nordics)0.06EUR0.03EUR