Billions of people have been issued national ID cards with electronic function or have some other form of eID, for example an mobile app that allows identifying people.

Other side is businesses like banks, insurance companies, mobile operators, medical services, sportsclubs, universities, governments and endless more institutions. All of these need to verify their user identity and sign agreements before doing any business with them.

eID Easy provides plugins, libaries, API-s, applications and skills to help businesses become truly digital with reasonable cost and effort.

Coming from Estonia is hard to see how many countries are missing out on their opportunities. They have good PKI infrastructure, national ID cards with electronic functions and also government approved mobile solutions. However usage tends to be many times lower than in Estonia or Nordics.

Even worse – some countries do not even have any eID schemes and their citizens are struggling to cope online. Quite often they become Estonian e-residents not to be left behind.

Company was registered in 2016 and has been growing since then. More and more businesses are using its e-ID simplification SaaS platform.

There are 3 main business directions.

1. User identification SaaS platform. This is very good alternative and partner for expensive and slow document photo style user identification. Possible solutions are medical and financial services where is important to know who is the actual person. Also utility companies for logging into their systems without the need of going to the service desk and getting username/password physically.

2. Qualified electronic signatures online. Here businesses are asking people to sign sports club membership contracts, applications for LEI codes or drone flying permits, loan applications or extensions.

3. Programming and consulting services. If there is need to integrate digital signatures or ID card user integration to the existing services then we can come and help. Technologies we are comfortable are JavaScript, PHP and Java.

reg code: 14080014
Address: Telliskivi tn 60/1, Tallinn, Estonia, 10412