You first need to obtain your API credentials before you can start using eID Easy services.

API credentials are unique identifiers that you need to send along when making requests to an API. In our case, these unique credentials are the client_id and secret.

So, how can you obtain this client_id and secret? Well, it’s quite simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Head over to our sign-up page at and authenticate yourself
  2. Navigate to My Webpages and click “Register new webpage”
  3. Enter Website home page address and redirect_uri value where the user will be redirected after authentication or signing.
  4. Take note of your site’s client_id and secret. You’ll need to copy these into your code soon. NB! Secret means secret. Never give your secret to anyone or they will be able to use eID Easy services at your expense.

Next, if you wish to get started with our IDaaS (Identification as a Service) follow this guide, or if you wish to get started with our eSignature SaaS follow this guide.