eID Easy is the leader in high quality electronic signatures, matters related to eID and also about Verifiable Credentials/Attestation of Attributes. Team members are often invited to take part of different events and podcasts to talk about these topic. Below you will find a few of these public recordings and articles.

Trust Over IP Ecosystem Foundry Working group presentation 14.04.2022 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaNAbIkOiRQ
Margus Pala, CEO of eID Easy speaks at the Trust Over IP Ecosystem Working Group meeting about world-leading digital society “e-Estonia’s” adoption of high quality electronic signatures for various business and government services. Margus will also highlight e-Estonia’s X-Road information system which allows the nation’s various public and private sector e-service information systems to link up and function in harmony.

Äripäeva Raadio business radio podcast in Estonian 02.02.2022 – https://www.aripaev.ee/raadio/episood/digiallkirjaga-seotud-arimured-saavad-peagi-lahenduse
Trinity law firm Peeter Mõtsküla and Margus Pala are talking about electronic signatures in Estonia nad all over the worls. What are the different levels and drawbacks of each.

CyberNews article 15.02.2022 – https://cybernews.com/security/margus-pala-eid-easy-if-i-could-i-would-ban-anyone-from-accepting-my-handwritten-signatures/

Ubisecure “Let’s Talk About Digital Identity” 08.09.2021 – https://www.ubisecure.com/podcast/esignatures-margus-pala-johan-nyman/
In our 50th episode, Margus and Johan discuss eSignatures. Coming from Estonia and Finland, they explore the use (and potential future use) of simple, advanced and qualified eSignatures in two of the world’s most digitally advanced countries. They also delve into how we can standardise the use of eSignatures in Europe, and advice for business owners on what to ask from an eSignature provider.

Liminal (ex ) “State of the Identity” 01.21.2021 – https://liminal.co/podcast/eid-easy/
EID Easy Founder Margus Pala joins host Cameron D’Ambrosi to discuss how eID cards can serve as a foolproof tool for personal identification. These identity experts also explore why a strong digital identity, eID, or SSI should be viewed as a global human right today.

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