You need to have proper software to sign documents electronically directly in your browser. Components needed are:

  1. eID card specific software driver eg middleware.
  2. Browser plugin that enables websites to talk with your ID card and Operating system component that helps browser plugin and ID card driver to communicate.

Install eID card middleware

These eID cards are known to work, some other cards might work also. If not then please write to and we will help you find the solution.

Install OS components

Estonian ID card software already contains all needed components and also an app that enables you to verify signed documents in different formats.

Follow instructions from . Make sure you scroll to the end and see the guide for making sure that browsers are properly configured and plugins are activated.

Test the signature

If all the software is installed then you can test your setup at at . Click sign and at first you are asked to say that this certificate is correct and next the prompt for your PIN2 or signature PIN will appear and generated signature will be displayed to you.

Signature PIN dialog looks like that.

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