MitID is now included among the e-signing methods in eID Easy’s service, which opens up the possibility for holders of MitID to sign documents together with e-signers across Europe and beyond. In the Nordic region, the Finnish eID card was the first Nordic e-signing method included in our service, followed last year by the Finnish Online banks and MobileID last year. Denmark’s neighbour country Sweden got its BankID added to our service earlier this year. And it doesn’t end here: shortly after MitID joined our collection of e-signing methods, also Norwegian BankID got included.

Signing is done through authenticating with the MitID, after which a generic qualified electronic seal (QESeal) with the signer’s info is added to the document.

Do you want to test creating advanced level electronic signatures (“AdES light”) with your MitID, and sign documents together with holders of other eID and e-signing methods? Access our demo site at

At our method listing page you will find the level classifications for all our existing signing methods, as well as a country listing of all our existing and upcoming methods:

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