Read this if:

  1. You use Microsoft Sharepoint and
  2. Your workflows include digital signatures

Sharepoint is a great tool to collaborate on various document workflows, inside and outside your organization.

Once you have created a document, you will probably also want to sign it yourself or get someone else to sign it with a real Qualified Electronic Signature, legally valid at the highest possible level in the European Union according to the eIDAS regulation.

Historically, you would probably download the document and use some desktop application and email to get it signed by everyone. And of course worry about how the counterparty actually signs the document, do they have the right software and digital signature solution, acceptable by your legal standards.

There’s a better way- get your documents signed without leaving Sharepoint, with methods including Baltic Smart-ID and Mobile-IDs, Nordic BankIDs, ZealID, Evrotrust, eParaksts, itsme, SPID, MitID, Halcom, various national ID cards, smartcards, Portuguese Chave Movel, Swisscom and dozens more.

Qualified and Advanced signature methods in Europe:

Signature methods around the world:

Send a document for signature from SharePoint to an external party by e-mail invitation:

Whenever there is a new signature added, the versions in SharePoint get automatically updated:

For the commercials, contact 

To get started (you will probably need your tech department to help you out here):

  1. Sign up at
  2. Install the Sharepoint plugin:
  3. Connect everything:
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