Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world with around 277 million people and tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of them have active secure personal document signing certificates.

Indonesian law separates electronic signature into 2 groups: a) Uncertified and b) Certified

Law text is available online at

Uncertified electronic signatures have low value and can be almost anything. They can be verified only in court with additional evidence and some use cases, which you might not know, are not permitted at all.

Exact wording about electronic signature in the law is “22. Electronic Signature means a signatures comprising Electronic Information attached to, associated with, or related to other Electronic Information, which is used as a verification and authentication tool” and in original Indonesian “Tanda Tangan Elektronik adalah tanda tangan yang terdiri atas Informasi Elektronik yang dilekatkan, terasosiasi atau terkait dengan Informasi Elektronik lainnya yang digunakan sebagai alat verifikasi dan autentikasi.”

Certified electronic signatures are created PKI X509 by certificates issued using Certificate Authorities approved by Penyelenggara Sertifikasi Elektronik (PSrE). 

Certified electronic signatures can easily be verified if you upload the document into this government validator . Since there are standard procedures and validation then it is much safer than any nonstandard uncertified signature.

Currently there are 9 certified CA-s as can be seen from

  • PT Privy Identitas Digital – has about 40 million users and 1M Android app downloads. Has raised around 8 million USD venture capital
  • PT Indonesia Digital Identity (VIDA) – is a member of Cloud Signature Consortium. Has 10k Android app downloads. Has raised around 50 million USD venture capital
  • PT Solusi Net Internusa – Has no mobile app and offers solution through web portal
  • Perusahaan Umum Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia
  • PT Djelas Tandatangan Bersama – has 10k Android app downloads
  • PT Tilaka Nusa Teknologi – has no mobile app and offers services through web portal
  • PT Digital Tandatangan Asli – has 1k Android app downloads
  • Balai Sertifikasi Elektronik Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara
  • PT Solusi Identitas Global Net

Image from and includes Plt. Director of Government Informatics Application Governance, Teguh Arifiadi in the Socialization of the Implementation of Electronic Signatures and Electronic Certificates for Government and MSMEs in Waingapu, East Sumba, Wednesday (07/06/2023).

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