Mexico is becoming very fast very advanced digital society. For example most working age people have their personal document signing certificates, all electronic invoices and tax declarations must be signed digitally with the certificate. For digital data NOM 151 data preservation service is used very actively.

Mexico has in total 4 different trust services

  • Digital certificate issuance service (DOF 09/19/2008 ).
  • Data message preservation service (DOF 09/19/2008 ) – also called NOM 151
  • Digital time stamp service (DOF 07/10/2010 ).
  • Legally Authorized Third Party in the process of digitizing documents on physical media (DOF 02/18/2021 ).

Original Mexican law related to NOM 151 can be found here

eID Easy has Mexican data message preservation service NOM 151 available in the marketplace API. Once signed up and getting access to a full list of qualified and advanced electronic signature solutions all over the world the NOM151 is just a click away. See for the API documentation.

To create NOM 151 preservation message it is needed a SHA256 digest of the original document. This digest is forwarded to the certification authority who returns evidence in CMS (Cryptographic Message Syntax) in ASN.1 format. CMS is very much like a regular CMS timestamp in the PDF file. However it must be kept separately from the PDF file in order not to make any changes to the original document.

For validation the original document (or its SHA256 digest) is needed together with the ASN.1 file. Validator will check if the document hash digest matches with the one in the ASN.1 evidence. If it does then the validator must check if the public certificate in the timestamp is in the Mexican interior ministry approved list and approved cryptographic algorithms are used.

Full list of Mexico NOM 151 and other trust services providers can be found from Mexico interior ministry page

Some of NOM 151 providers in Mexico and their NOM 151 validation pages

  1. Edicom Group Mexico – – validation
  2. PSC World – – validation
  3. Cecoban – – validation
  4. Interfactura – – validation
  5. Cincel – 
  6. Grupo Advantage –
  7. ATEB –
  8. Notaria 230 – 
  9. Legalex GS – – validation
  10. SeguriData –

Some of the use cases for NOM 151 in Mexico.

  • Mitigation of fraud due to alteration of information
  • Guarantee the integrity of electronic information (video, music, documents and any data messages).
  • Online acknowledgements – delivery proposals and reception offers, electronic receipt of documents
  • Purchase orders – financial leasing, retail services etc where it is important to establish exact moment in which client instructs or accepts the order
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions online – In all retail ecommerce operations when it is necessary for the client or user to accept the conditions for the use of the online services, accepting use of cookies or the geolocation of the user of an online service
  • Electronic proof of delivery of goods and services – electronic merchandise shipments, parcel delivery acknowledgments
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