People know me as a co-founder of eID Easy and they know less about other items I am sometimes doing. Here is one cool activity I did as part of an Estonian volunteer police officer.

World’s most famous runner is Forrest Gump – regardless of his intellectual disabilities. He has amazing ability to run really far really fast, even though he might not be able to figure out himself that he needs to run. Because of people like Forrest the Special Olympics is really needed. It is the world largest inclusive sports event and Berlin World Games in June 2023 saw around 7000 athletes taking part in 26 different sports, giving new life to the Berlin Olympic stadium. People with any kind of disabilities have harder life than most and they can still be very talented in other areas. One of the athletes told me her life moto “Focus on one-s abilities not disabilities”.

“Focus on one-s abilities not disabilities”.

Every Olympics, including the Special Olympics, needs a flame that has been brought from Athens to the opening ceremonies for a long time by a group of international police officers called Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR). As an Estonian volunteer police officer I had the honor to represent Estonian police together with 94 other policemen and women from the USA to Australia.

Police exist to help people (in most countries). If you get into trouble then they will come to the rescue, they will make sure that you can feel safe in your home and when you go out.

Similarly one of the main goals of the law enforcement torch run is to help athletes, boost their self-confidence and help them live a better life. You cannot imagine how happy a Special Olympics athlete can be after high five and a few kind words from a police officer. Words cannot describe it and it’s something to experience yourself. Torch run is also meant to raise awareness in communities. 19 cities and locations were visited around Berlin during the 4 days prior to Olympic games opening and flame lighting ceremony. In each local community their members had a chance to interact with athletes and learn about their stories. 

I am very happy to be part of the LETR movement. Police officers there are just amazing, there are no mean or sarcastic jokes and every action is sincerely meant to help athletes. Every achievement is celebrated, giving a boost to athletes’ self-confidence who might have been bullied all their life prior. With self-confidence they can find jobs and live fulfilling lives. Without LETR the Special Olympics would miss out a lot. 

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