Latviešu (Latvian)

Latvia is a Baltic country that is doing very well with digital identity and qualified electronic signatures. eID and eSignatures are widely used for accessing government systems, bank login and payment confirmations, logging to the utility companies, insurance companies, online alcohol shop age verification and many other applications.

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In 2020, the population used eSignature tools to prove their identity a total of more than 2.8 million times. Compared to 2019, e-Identity verification with eSignature tools has doubled, while the total number of eSignatures has exceeded 9.5 million. At present, every day residents sign eSign documents on average 26,027 times, according to the trust service provider SJSC Latvian State Radio and Television Center.

In 2020, residents actively used both the eID card and the mobile application eParaksts mobile to sign documents. The eID card has been used for signing 3.2 million times, which is twice as many as a year earlier. The use of the eParaksts mobile app has grown just as fast last year, exceeding 2.2 million times. Last year, the number of eParaksts mobile users reached 100,000.

All Latvian citizens have national eID card personas apliecība (eID Karte). This card allows to identify people in the browser so you can get user name and personal identity code. It is also notified eID means in European level so it is officially recognized all over the EU.

eID Karte allows to create Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) directly in the browser. QES is equal to handwritten signature and actually even much better since it cannot be faked, you know exactly who was signing the document and you know exact time when the document was signed. For integration you can use modified hwcrypto.js library that allows to create signatures with

Latvia is very innovative and Government together with LVRTC has introduced eParakts mobile that can create QES as well. This is mobile app that does not require Smart Card and uses fingerprint biometrics.

Integration of eParakts Mobile is done using OAuth 2.0 protocol for both user identification and signatures.

In addition there is Smart-ID mobile app that can do QES as well.

Each website can integrate all these methods on their own. However as this needs considerable investment for initial programming with expensive programmers who understand security and cryptography.

With eID Easy adding support for all of Latvian eID methods to your website will take minutes or hours.

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Latviešu (Latvian)

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