We launched a new way for users to login and sign documents electronically. We are going live in the Czech Republic!

MojeID is a service provided by NIC.cz, a domain register association in the Czech Republic. eID Easy has been working with NIC.cz to make it easier for websites to adopt MojeID for logging in and for signing documents.

MojeID is a service for everyone in the Czech Republic to use single login data (username and password) for logging into different websites and web services. It eliminates the need for repetitive registration. MojeID can be used for all services that support specifically the mojeID service or at least the OpenID technology. MojeID also allows storing the user data in one secure place while keeping it up to date.

MojeID is gaining traction in the Czech Republic, where it was launched in 2020. Residents in the Czech Republic can already use MojeID to sign in to governmental websites. And with eID Easy they can now also sign documents electronically using their MojeID credentials.

If you are looking to have users from the Czech Republic identifying themselves or signing documents using MojeID, then our API takes the heavy load and you can simply use our API for that integration and many other countries.

Here’s a short video by NIC.cz about MojeID (In Czech)

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