In today’s digital world, electronic signatures have become an essential part of conducting business transactions. eID Easy, an electronic signature API marketplace, has been providing a secure and efficient platform for businesses to collect electronic signatures. eID Easy has recently added a new feature to its API, it now offers itsme® qualified electronic signatures, making them available to all businesses around the world who need to collect signatures from clients in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Understanding Qualified Electronic Signatures

Qualified electronic signatures are legally binding electronic signatures in the European Union that provide the same legal value as handwritten signatures. These signatures are widely used for document signing, contract management, legal agreements, and other situations that require a signature to be legally binding.

Use Cases for Qualified Electronic Signatures

Qualified electronic signatures are useful for a wide range of use cases. They provide a streamlined way for businesses to sign documents remotely, reducing the need for physical interactions. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses working with customers or partners in different geographic locations.

What is eID Easy?

eID Easy is a secure and user-friendly electronic signature API marketplace that offers businesses the ability to collect electronic signatures from their customers or clients. It offers a simple, cost-effective and fast solution for digital signing. eID Easy offers a variety of signature options, including eIDAS-qualified electronic signatures, remote signatures, advanced signatures, and now itsme® qualified electronic signatures.

What are itsme® Qualified Electronic Signatures?

itsme® is a Belgian mobile ID and authentication solution that allows users to prove their identity and perform online transactions securely. itsme® offers a range of authentication options, including biometric verification, making it a secure and reliable authentication solution. itsme® qualified electronic signatures are electronic signatures that are created using itsme® authentication. These signatures are legally binding and have the same legal validity as handwritten signatures.

Partnership with itsme

The partnership between eID Easy and itsme is a significant development for businesses looking for a reliable and secure way to sign documents electronically. itsme is a popular digital identity app in Belgium, with over 6.8 million registered users. Its integration with the eID Easy API enables users to sign documents with qualified electronic signatures using their itsme credentials.

Benefits of itsme® Qualified Electronic Signatures

Adding itsme® qualified electronic signatures to the eID Easy API provides several benefits for businesses. Here are some of the benefits:

Legal Validity

itsme® qualified electronic signatures have the same legal validity as traditional signatures. They are legally binding, and businesses can use them to sign contracts, agreements, and other documents.

Improved Security

itsme® offers a secure and reliable authentication solution. Adding itsme® qualified electronic signatures to eID Easy’s API provides an additional layer of security, ensuring that electronic signatures are genuine and valid.

Enhanced Customer Experience

itsme® qualified electronic signatures provide a user-friendly and seamless signing experience for customers. With Itsme authentication, customers can sign documents quickly and easily, without the need for additional hardware or software.

Suitable for Any Company

eID Easy’s qualified electronic signature feature with itsme® integration is not limited to businesses based in Belgium. Any company doing business with Belgian citizens can benefit from this solution. The ability to sign documents remotely is particularly important in today’s global business environment, where many transactions are conducted virtually.

How to Use itsme® Qualified Electronic Signatures with eID Easy

Using itsme® qualified electronic signatures with eID Easy is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps:

Sign up for an eID Easy account.
Integrate the eID Easy API into your website or application.
Enable itsme® qualified electronic signatures in your account settings.
Send a signature request to your customer or client.
Your customer or client will receive a request to sign the document via itsme®.
Your customer or client can sign the document using their itsme® authentication.
Once the document is signed, it is automatically returned to your account.

In conclusion, eID Easy’s addition of itsme® qualified electronic signatures to their API provides businesses with a secure, reliable, and user-friendly option for collecting electronic signatures from Belgian citizens. itsme® qualified electronic signatures offer legal validity, improved security, and enhanced customer experience. Businesses can integrate itsme® qualified electronic signatures into their existing eID Easy account and start collecting electronic signatures quickly and easily. With eID Easy’s commitment to making the world more secure, one signature at a time, the addition of itsme® qualified electronic signatures is a step forward in achieving that goal.

“Adding itsme® qualified electronic signatures to eID Easy’s API is an important step forward in our mission to provide a secure and reliable platform for businesses to collect electronic signatures. We are excited to offer this new feature to our customers and help them streamline their signing processes.” – eID Easy CEO

“We are delighted to partner with eID Easy and offer our authentication and electronic signature solutions to businesses around the world,” said Stephanie De Bruyne the CEO of itsme®.
“We are confident that eID Easy’s customers will benefit from our qualified signature, which is both secure and easy to use for signing important documents.”

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