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Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Verified is a market leader in the Nordics as B2B eID and eAuthentication SaaS provider, providing solutions for enterprises and SMEs across all industries. With more than 2.000 customers in the Nordics, Verified supports businesses to drive innovation through digital process transformation, while improving the ecological footprint and has proven to do so since its inception in 2012. 

Use Case

Many of Verified’s customers are operating across the European Union. As the current local electronic signature applications across the European Union are fragmented and hence come with additional complexity to be integrated, Verified was looking for an electronic signature API solution that offers Verified’s clients the best possible geographical reach, all while keeping API complexity and related costs as low as possible. Verified’s clients will benefit from this partnership by using an intuitive electronic signature API that includes various different local European electronic signing methods, increasing the reach of their digital services and hence increasing their business opportunity potential across the continent. With the rise of regulatory requirements related to electronic signatures, qualified electronic signatures are showing an increasing demand, in particular for transactions that require an additional layer of security. eIDEasy is one of the leading API providers in Europe that specialize in qualified electronic signatures. By partnering with eIDEasy, Verified did not only achieve an immediate competitive advantage for its clients when it comes to geographic reach, but also regarding qualified electronic signatures. 


“The partnership with eIDEasy offers our clients a swift and easy solution to extend their services across the European continent. Everything needed is combined in one API and hence makes the integration of multiple and diverse local solutions obsolete. This leads to lower cost and faster delivery.” 

Tommy Flemstroem, CEO Verified Global 

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