We are delighted to announce that we are adding support for Chave Movel, the electronic signature solution used in Portugal. This is another step forward in our mission to provide users with more choice and flexibility when signing documents.

Using Chave Movel is a faster and safer alternative to hand-signing documents – and it’s accepted by all organizations in Portugal.

Chave Movel is a better alternative to hand-signing documents. It’s faster, safer and can be used by all organizations and residents in Portugal.

A chave movel (digital key) is an electronic application, developed by the Portuguese government that allows individuals to sign their documents remotely, anywhere and anytime. This means you don’t need to be present in person for any official document signing procedure or transaction.

Chave Movel is an electronic signature solution that is specific to Portugal.

Chave Movel is an electronic signature solution that is specific to Portugal. It is one of the most secure, reliable and scalable solutions in Europe and is recognized by all major Portuguese banks and organisations. All signatures made with Chave Movel are Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), meaning that they meet the legal requirements for a document to be considered valid.

Log in using your ID document number and name, along with a password.

To sign a document, you will first need to have a QES certificate. This can be obtained from the government, after you have registered with them. You will also need to ensure that the latest version of Chave Movel is installed on your device before attempting this process

Use your mobile device to enter a PIN and confirm the transaction using fingerprint ID or face ID – depending on the security protocols embedded on your phone.

To sign a document on your mobile device, use your fingerprint ID or face ID to confirm the transaction. If you do not have a phone with fingerprint ID or face ID, then you can enter a PIN.

The service you are signing with will receive your electronic signature and display it as part of the document.

The service you are signing with will receive your electronic signature and display it as part of the document. The first step is to complete an online application for a Chave Movel account, which involves providing some personal information (name and address). You will then receive an email notification from us once your application has been processed.

You can use the following steps to sign a document using Chave Movel:

1 – Open the app on your mobile device and tap on “Sign Documents” on the bottom menu bar, or click here if you’re using a computer;

2 – Choose the document you want to sign by tapping or clicking on it;

3 – Fill in any fields that require information (e.g., name), add comments if necessary, then accept using “OK”;

Because we believe in providing our users with more choice, we’re rolling out support for Chave Movel!

Chave Movel is a fast and secure way to sign documents online, with all of the legal benefits of a traditional signature. It’s faster than handwritten signatures because you don’t need to print anything or fax it back—you just type your name into the box on their website, then click “Sign” and your job is done! And because Chave Movel uses electronic signatures instead of handwritten ones, there’s no need for messy ink stains or smudges.

But what makes it truly exciting is its security: unlike traditional hand-written signatures that anyone could forge by tracing over them with pencils and copying machines (or even just taking photos), electronic signatures like Chave Movel are much more difficult to fake. This means that if someone tries to copy your signature from one document onto another one without permission from either party involved (like if they wanted access to sensitive information), they won’t be able to do so successfully—which makes this option an excellent choice not only for those who have poor handwriting but also those who want additional peace-of-mind when signing official documents online.

We believe in providing our users with more choice, and we’re proud to be one of the first services in Portugal to offer Chave Movel. This is just one example of how we’re working hard to keep you up-to-date when it comes to signing documents and contracts.

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