On the evening of November 29th, we’re releasing a major update to our admin dashboard. All users who have multiple websites will be affected.

Here, you will find a short description of the changes in this release, as well as how you may be affected.

New feature – Company hierarchy

We’re changing the data structure of Companies, Websites and Users.

Current structure:

  • Each Website is related to a single User
  • Each Website MAY have a Company (you may have specified the company under the Website’s billing info)

New structure:

  • Each Website is related to a Company
  • Each User may have multiple Companies
  • Each Company may have multiple Users (this will be available in an upcoming release very soon)

This is a widely used data structure that you are probably familiar with from other SaaS services. It brings the following benefits:

  • You are not required to enter your billing data multiple times, if you want to register multiple Websites
  • You may have multiple Users managing your Company’s Websites (this will be available in an upcoming release very soon)

How you may be affected

For some of our existing users who have multiple websites registered, the change may be a little confusing at first. Because of our current data structure, each existing Website will spawn a new Company.

My Website has disappeared

If your Website is not immediately visible in the admin panel, check out the company selector in the top bar:

You will find the missing Website under another Company.

We apologise for this inconvenience. In the short term, it’s may be cumbersome. In the longterm, this restructuring should make your life easier.

Don’t hesitate get in touch if you have any questions or problems: support@eideasy.com.

I have several of the same Company

If the Company dropdown has several instances of the same Company, you can transfer your Website from one Company to the other, to reduce the need to switch between Companies.

To transfer a website…

1. From the Company selector, select the Company under which this Website is placed.

2. Go to “My Webpages”

3. Under the relevant Website, select “Edit”

4. In the bottom of the page, click “Transfer website to other company”

5. Select the Company from the selector, and submit!

That’s it! Your Website is now conveniently under your other Company.

How do I delete an old company?

You can’t do that yet. We’re releasing this option very soon.

How do I get in touch

In case of problems or questions, send us an e-mail at support@eideasy.com.

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