We would like to show you a sneak peek into our new widget for integrating our login methods into your webpages. The main changes are visual. You can test it yourself in our demo page

The reason we are changing our layout is because we keep adding new methods and countries, so we wanted to give users a better UX to select the method they want to use.

The look of the forms in the login flow will change from this:

The old login widget

to this:

The main change comes in the method and country selection page. The look of the method selection page will change from this:

The old country and method selection widget

To this:

The new country and method selection widget

Over the next days and weeks we will be rolling out the new widget and deprecating the existing one. If you’d like to be one of the early adopters of the new login widget, get in touch with our team and we will make it happen for you!
Otherwise you can just hang tight and eventually the widget will start showing up in the login flow of your site. 
As always feedback is welcome, so feel free to get in touch with us.

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