Do you want to take full advantage of e-ID and national ID cards and EIDAS cards but your requirement is that all the services are fully under your control?

Are you development company and your bigger project requires ID identification or digital signatures but you hate complex cryptography?configuration, cryptography and headache? With us you do not need to reject this project and all the complex coding will be done by us and integrated to your main application.

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QES electronic signature integrations

If your e-service needs to accept applications, sign loan contracts, sign rental car agreements, sign sports club memberships, sign service agreements then you are in right place.

  • Creating signature containers ASIC-E, .asice, .bdoc, .edoc etc
  • Digitally signing files by real people using national ID cards
  • Digitally signing files by real people using government issued Mobile-ID solitions
  • Digitally signing files by real people using EIDAS QSCD solutions, for example Smart-ID mobile app
  • Digitally signing files by organization e-seal by USB token or similar
  • Verification of signatures
  • Getting signature details. Who has signed and when
  • Getting signed file details

Secure e-ID identification of people on your website

Do you need to know who is the person in your website? Using national ID card it is possible to identify people quickly and securely. This also works with Mobile ID and bank link integrations. Possible use cases are

  • Water, electricity, heating, telecom operators, schools and similar who know their customer details and want to give access to self service portals.
  • Medical services, online pharmacies where is extremely important to know who are you dealing with
  • Gambling, alcohol or tobacco websites where is important to verify user age.
  • Any other service where otherwise document photos need to be uploaded to verify users
  • E-shops to Know Your Customer KYC.

Solution deliverables

You will always get full source code of the application in GIT repository and instructions how to run the application.

Signature related applications are generally delivered as Java Spring Boot Restful application where you will call specific JSON API-s that you can easily integrate into any other application. Mostly there are also JavaScript files that need to be included in your front-end application.

Reading National ID cards and smart card identification solutions are usually easier when implemented in LAMP and language of choice is Laravel. Since these are usually living organisms with Certificate Revocation Lists that need to be constantly updated then deliverable is preferably fully configured Docker containers.

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