Electronic Signatures API

Collect strong electronic signatures on your app or website

All local and popular QES methods from one place

All high quality electronic signature methods

All high quality electronic signature methods

eID Easy is helping businesses adopt high quality electronic signatures by aggregating local, popular and established signature methods where user identity is already verified to keep signing process friction minimal and price reasonable
Reduce development time and maintenance cost significantly.

Electronic signature consulting

Electronic signature consulting

We are electronic signature industry professionals. If you are not sure what kind of solution is best for you and your customers then we will help you figure it out. In some cases simple e-mail based signatures are good, other cases high quality Advanced and Qualified signatures make much more sense.

Success Stories

Find out how some of our clients are using Qualified Electronic Signatures to save them time and get them more business.

5D VISION – custom software development agency

5D Vision is a bespoke software and web applications development agency based in Tartu, Estonia, established more than 20 years ago. They are specialized and well known in the medical services sector, as one of the leading custom-software developers in this field.

VERIFIED – Scandinavian document management platform

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Verified is a market leader in the Nordics as B2B eID and eAuthentication SaaS provider, providing solutions for enterprises and SMEs across all industries. With more than 2.000 customers in the Nordics, Verified supports businesses to drive innovation through digital process transformation.

RAMIRENT – construction equipment rental company

Ramirent is the leading construction equipment rental company in the Baltic States. As the company is pushing its business to the digital era, the demand for their online sales channels is growing fast. By letting their clients sign rental agreements online, it allowed them to streamline the process of getting their clients to rent out their equipment.

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Others about us

Allar Viik

Allar Viik

Owner and business manager of Emotive OÜ

Recently my customer wanted to add eID login to his Wordpress site. Initially I replied that this is not so simple task and will cost you... Then client replied that in fact this very simple, there is eID Easy Wordpress plugin for that. This time customer knew more than me and next time I will offer eID login option to all of my customers.

Hanno Malmiste

Hanno Malmiste

CEO of veebispetsid.com

Our company is building different online solutions to our customers. Our principles are to have websites as user friendly and secure as possible. We have implemented eID Easy services to these customers who have asked for extra secure user identification and login on their pages. With eID Easy our customers can be sure that website visitors are who they claims to be.

Silver Org

Silver Org

CEO of Freshman Consulting OÜ

I was building website to dental insurance provider and they wanted to have qualified electronic signatures on the contracts with their customers. I was asking offers from several well know programming companies and their offers exceeded budget and timeline many times over. Thanks to eID Easy I managed to use Wordpress plugin that takes care of both sides digital signing and costs very little to the insurance company.

Minimise developer headache

We're developers. We know the pain. Integrating document signing with us is easy as A-B-C. See for yourself:

Guides and ideas

Use your USB token or smartcard to sign electronically

Install the Chrome Token Signing software Choose the file installation file that corresponds to your computer’s operating system, and download it by clicking on it: Windows: chrome-token-signing_1.1.5.547.x64.msi Mac OS: token-signing-chrome_1.1.5.547.pkg Linux: chrome-token-signing_1.1.5.547-1804.tar.xz or chrome-token-signing_1.1.5.547-1804.dsc Run Read more…

5 pieces of advice on e-signing

Is it possible to sign electronically across different parts of Europe and beyond? Is it possible to mix different e-signature levels in one and the same document? Like QES, AdES/QC, AdES and SES*? Yes it Read more…

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