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Ramirent Baltic AS is part of Ramirent Ltd, with over 300 outlets and 3200 employees in 9 Nordic and Baltic countries. Ramirent Ltd itself is part of Loxam Group, the third largest construction equipment rental company in the world.

Ramirent Baltic AS is the leading construction equipment rental company in the Baltic States. 


As the company is pushing its business to the digital era, the demand for their online sales channels is growing fast. By letting their clients sign rental agreements online, it allowed them to streamline the process of getting their clients to rent out their equipment.

For signing rental contracts online as well as new customer sign ups, Ramirent needed a secure and efficient way, without investing unnecessary resources to the development. 

Use case

Ramirent operates in the Baltic region, where Qualified Electronic Signatures are common, and the methods to sign documents digitally are well adopted by the population. They turned to eID Easy for a simple to use API plug-in that would integrate all the Baltic ID-methods with their websites in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

For further automation, they also use automatic signing of the rental contracts from their company side, through our qualified e-seal solution.


Since implementing our solution to their site, Ramirent has seen a huge increase in the number of rental agreement contracts being signed in their e-channels. Their online business side is growing exponentially, through both existing customers moving online as well as new customers choosing them for the simplicity and speed of the solution. 

Ramirent has considerably lowered employee time previously used for rental contract generation and signing, and there are also virtually no disputes regarding the contracts. 


“Ramirent needed a service for authentication and electronic signatures. eID Easy had a competitive package, and supported all the Baltic countries, therefore the choice was obvious.”

-Kristjan Kabin, Ramirent IT manager

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