About Partner


5D Vision is a bespoke software and web applications development agency based in Tartu, Estonia, established more than 20 years ago. They have clients mainly from Estonia and Baltics.

Use Case

5D Vision is specialized and well known in the local medical services sector, as one of the leading custom-software developers in this field. Since medical services always goes hand-in-hand with the highest data-protection, privacy and other legal safeguards levels, in almost every development there’s a need for strong authentication and signature methods. In many cases, the custom built software also has to communicate seamlessly and securely with the national e-health databases via universal data exchange layer X-Road, further increasing demands on the system.

5D Vision has partnered up with eID Easy, to integrate eID Easys authentication and signature solutions into their partner’s platforms, saving money and time for both themselves and their clients, and removing the need for future upkeep workload and potential downtime.


“We were looking for a solution to integrate the highest security level of authentication and signature solutions in our developments. Having looked around, we found eID Easy, which seemed to cover all of our needs in one simple package. We have now used their integration in multiple projects with our clients. So far they have not failed us once and we have had a chance to focus on our core business, saving huge amounts of resources for ourselves and our clients as a result.” 

-Kristjan Adojaan, Founder of 5D Vision


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