Is your company currently using a document management system but still downloading, signing and uploading documents back into the cloud?
With over 70% of market share, chances are that you are using something like Microsoft’s Sharepoint since it is one of the most popular document management systems for large corporates.

In today’s fast paced remote first corporate environments, it is important to keep documents safe. But if your team is downloading documents into their personal computer’s “Downloads” folder, only to sign them and then re-upload them to the cloud, you are exposing crucial and perhaps confidential documents to the world.

Until now, it was hard to find a solution that allowed users to electronically sign documents within those modern applications. Wouldn’t it be great if you could sign your company’s important documents directly in the system you use to work on them, keep them up to date, and collaborate with your co-workers?

Well now you can. Using our multiple integrations you can sign documents directly into your document management system and optimize your workflows. No more downloading, signing and scanning. No more keeping important files on an employee’s work computer “Downloads” folder.

eID Easy’s plugin is integrated into popular document management systems like Sharepoint, Nextlcoud, Google Drive and iManage. 78% of Fortune 500 companies use Sharepoint, and the majority of these installations are now cloud-based. The same is true for Nextcloud, Google Drive and iManage.

What are you waiting for? Book a demo to see how eID Easy can be used in modern document management systems, and forget all about download, sign, upload workflows.

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