• eID Easy helps businesses adopt strong and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).
  • We work with Trust Service Providers (TSPs) and integrate their service into the businesses workflows.
  • With eID Easy as a trusted integration partner the TSP has an easier sales process and faster time to close the deal.

What kind of Trust Service Providers benefit most from the partnership with eID Easy?

If you are issuing document signing certificates to people and companies then you have a very large initial investment and for every next certificate issued your cost will be marginal. For this reason you need to have as many customers as possible.

Because eID Easy will let all of its customers use your services with the click of a button we widen your potential user base . We will build the integration at our own cost so adding this new channel for the Trust Service provider comes with very limited downside and unlimited upside.

What kind of customers are using eID Easy?

We can help you sell to:

  • Signature portals – their main job is to make sure the signing flows and user experience there is perfect. Smaller signature portals do not have the resources to integrate more than a few trust service providers.
  • Document Management systems – these are platforms where users create and store their documents. There are hundreds of this type of applications that can generate contracts that need to be signed in the end. For example https://avokaado.io/, https://www.contractuo.com/, https://imanage.com/, https://contractbook.com/. They have their priorities also and by partnering with eID Easy they have the most efficient way how to let people all over the world to sign documents with methods that fit them best
  • Integrations with file storage platforms – Do you want to build your own plugins for Google Docs, Sharepoint, NextCloud, DropBox and others? If you have customers wanting to sign documents in these places then we are the perfect partner to you. We will build and maintain these plugins so you do not have to.
  • Businesses with a lot of end users – This includes all utility companies like telcos, electricity, water etc. Also banks, insurance, and other fintech issuing loans and making deals with their customers. We will make it easy for them to integrate with your authentication and signing solution.
  • Corporations with internal signing workflows – In this case every employee has the document signing certificate and is signing a lot of documents each month. HR contracts, partnership agreements, vacation requests, etc.
eID Easy is helping businesses integrate qualified electronic signatures

We make your methods easier to integrate for all businesses

Qualified Electronic Signatures and eIDAS authentications are not a simple topic, neither legally nor technically. In most cases, integrating a TSPs solution to your own workflow demands very specific skills, a thorough understanding of cryptography as well as the legal framework in different countries. The risk here is huge- authenticating users and trusting their signatures is the cornerstone of any digital business today, and if you make even a small mistake here, the consequences can be extremely costly.

Our core focus is developing as easy-to-integrate API as possible, and we are excellent at this!

So, the businesses that wish to integrate your authentication and signature methods can do it by investing less resources as well as minimizing technical and legal risks.

We take care of the annoying work so you can focus on creating core value

When a business starts to integrate eID methods, they have a lot of questions. Before integrations they want to learn more about it. While doing the integrations they probably need technical guidance, and once all is live, there are always updates, certificate renewals and so on. The communication never stops- and it shouldn’t! We have a dedicated team of customer support specialists, and we’ve seen it all. Get rid of this distraction, let us handle it, so that you can focus on your core business- building the future of digital identities.

Immediate access to popular platforms

We have integrations/plugins with Nextcloud, Sharepoint, iManage, WordPress, and are launching Dropbox, GoogleDrive and many others in the coming months. This means that once your methods are integrated with us, your users will automatically be able to use your methods for signing documents right inside these platforms.

No more downloading-signing-uploading/emailing of documents. We take your signature to where documents live.

We take you international, grow your customer base and increase revenue from existing customers

eID Easy is integrated with businesses from all over Europe and beyond. When we partner up with you, your users can automatically use their already existing certificate/app/device to use your service with a huge range of businesses. So, for example your user can instantly start signing documents with a Latvian construction rental company, a Finnish university, a Bulgarian invoice management portal, a US medical clinic, Uzbekistan car dealer and so on. We are adding hundreds of new businesses every month, all will instantly be easily accessible by your users.

Not only will you get more revenue from your existing user base, but you will actually get new customers who will want to sign a document somewhere where we are integrated, and find out that the best way to do it is to sign up with you!

We are not simple resellers of your product. 

We are partners. 

We add value to your solution.

Let’s have a chat and discuss!

Write to us at info@eideasy.com or just give us a call at +372 55529332

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