About Halcom One

Halcom is one of the leading and most innovative Qualified Trust Service Providers in the Balkan region. Halcom One is an app-based authentication and signature solution with a rapidly expanding userbase- fueled by support from local governments as well as corporations and financial institutions.

Free for end users

One of the reasons for the quickly increasing user numbers is the ease of onboarding and zero cost for end users. Any local user can onboard themselves easily through a dedicated website, or can do it in a Halcom branch or even in banks, acting as Registration Authorities.

Good news for Halcom One users

This cooperation means that thanks to eID Easy API, your Halcom One app can be used in many more places around the world. eID Easy is powering an ever-increasing number of signature portals, like for example PandaDoc and Zoho Sign, who can now choose to enable support of Halcom One.

Good news for eID Easy partners

Halcom One’s user base is now reachable through eID Easy API. Which means our partners can reach a large user-base in the Balkans and enable these users to sign their documents in our partners platforms without friction.

Legal aspects

Halcom is a fully fledged Qualified Trust Service Provider in Slovenia, European Union, so all Halcom One Qualified Electronic Signatures are naturally accepted all over EU under eIDAS.

Bosnia also accepts EU QES, so Bosnian users receive the certificate from Slovenian CA, to be cross-compatible with Bosnia-EU.

In Serbia, the situation is a bit different- as Serbian legislation does not (yet) fully accept EU QES, then Serbian users are issued a certificate from a local CA

Technical overview of integration

Integration with Halcom is quite interesting. There is an API layer called “Halcom One API” where you would need to make POST request with XML requests. Thanks to our REST API this is now much simpler to interact with. After preparing the PDF for signing you can start the signing process with Halcom Username, Phone number or Email.

Test environment is available at https://demo-test.eideasy.com/sign-custom-file where you can test our API before implementing it. This test environment prepares the file for signing and redirects you to our signing page. Make sure to select PDF signing – currently Halcom is only available for PDF signing.

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