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Is it possible to sign electronically across different parts of Europe and beyond?

Is it possible to mix different e-signature levels in one and the same document? Like QES, AdES/QC, AdES and SES*?

Yes it is!

Those who take care of public procurement within an organisation have a big impact on the development on e-signing!

Here are a few tips and pieces of advice regarding procuring a solution for electronic signatures:

  1. Always ensure that the e-signing system does not remove or invalidate previously added signatures in the document, that have been produced outside of the system. Avoid letting pages and text be added to the document (e.g. “audit trail page”) after signatures have been created.

  2. Enable and allow the use of signatures of different levels in the same document (i.e. if a lower level has been established as sufficient for the document, also enable the use of a higher level signature in the same document).

  3. Prefer signatures based on personal certificates in the name of the signer (before generic e-seals in the name of the provider).

  4. Plan forward and ensure that the system can handle and produce signatures also in the ASIC-E* format.

  5. Use ready-made modules, if you do not want to code all implementations yourself. E.g. an aggregator service, that gathers e-signing methods (the same way that the “eIDAS login” gathers authentication methods from various countries).


* abbreviations and terms:
QES = qualified electronic signature, according to eIDAS (EU regulation 910/2014)
AdES/QC = advanced electronic signature, based on a qualified certificate
AdES = advanced electronic signature
SES = simple electronic signature
ASIC-E = associated signature container, extended. Enables e-signing of any kind of document type, several documents and files included in the same signing, as well as nested document signing. (More info in this LinkedIn-post in English. Additional info in this LinkedIn-post in Swedish)

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Suomi (Finnish) Svenska (Swedish)

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